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A few words about the promoter- M.D Mr. Y. Jagan Mohan:

He started his career as a medical representative in TORRENT in its infancy. He virtually worked every district of Tamilnadu & in course of time the entire South India and later East India too. He is thorough with the needs of various markets, and prescribing habit of most of the doctors in SOUTH and EAST of India. He can smell which molecules can sell. He voluntarily left TORRENT in his capacity of AGM – Sales after serving for two decades travelling from M.R to AGM.

With the confidence gained out of successful stint in TORRENT and with knowledge acquired in dealing with men, materials and finished products along with market acceptance, Mr.Y.JAGAN MOHAN ventured with MANO PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD. What started as a small show in a humble office room with an investment of Rs.5 lakhs grew to be an empire with a monthly turn over 2.5 Crores and above.


Given below are some of the first – time- in –India products of MANO fame:

  • The first brand of Methyl cobalamin injection called BIOCOBAL and DIACOBAL INJ.
  • The only second brand of Methyl cobalamin tablets - BIOCOBAL and DIACOBAL Tabs.
  • The first brand of Metformin S.R tablets called G.REG SR 500/1000. and
  • One of the first few brands of BENFOTHIAMINE concoction by brand name BENFAGE.
  • In TORRENT, he sold many first- time – in –India products.
  • In MANO, he marketed many first –time-in –India products.
  • ORCHID, the Cephalosporin Giant traded MANO for a good consideration in the year 2003 with a conditional request that Mr.YJM should not involve in pharma related activities for 4 yrs.
  • In Mova, he have many unique products in indian market

On the completion of four years of selling MANO, in the year 2007 was born MOVA PHARMACEUTICALS PVT LTD, an exclusive marketing company getting products from third party manufacturers. All our manufacturers have WHO GMP CERTIFICATES and some have Schedule M certification also. MOVA has 2 divisions,Neuro psychiatry division and Cardio- Obesity- diabetic wellness division . We focused on marketing different style of products with cutting edge in each product. We are marketing Natural Anti obesity products, Ginkgo biloba in various strengths/ combinations, drugs for Erectile Dsyfunction and mainly Nutraceuticals of several hues and therapeutic applications.

In the year 2016, an exclusive GYNAEC DIVISION has been started with focused on several hazards afflicting women at large & aspiring mothers, later gynaec products has been merged with COD DIVISION.